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Cafes To Shops: The Kids Kemp Building On MG Road Is Getting A Major Redo

    If you’ve grown up in Bangalore, then you now how much of a landmark the Kids Kemp building towards the Trinity Circle end of MG Road was. And it’s clearly going to remain a landmark with over five new shops and cafes already set top open there. We hear that is just the beginning and more are expected soon. Starbucks naturally caught our eye most. With the closest other one being on Church Street, this one serves as a midway before the Indiranagar option. FabIndia too will be setting up shop here, and we’re hoping it will be one that does apparel, home decor and linen. We even spotted a Pizza Hut sign. Sure authentic pizza is amazing, but sometimes you just need Pizza Hut for the soul! Lovers of Italian food, Chianti will bring its pastas, pizzas, wine and tiramisu to this new food and shopping zone, while Baker 77, a veggie cafe from Jayanagar looks like it will be opening here too.

    That’s all the news we have for now but watch this space for more…