Night Tours And Sound & Light Displays: Hampi Is Going To Get Way More Exciting Soon

    Navya posted on 08 July


    Can’t get enough of Hampi’s gorgeous monuments? Soon, you may be able to explore them at night with a guided tour, and sound and light shows.

    History Beckons

    Already a tourist favourite, Hampi is going to get even better for visitors. Plans are afoot at the tourism department and if all goes well, night tours can be a part of your itinerary. Considering that the heritage town is pretty hot through the year, the department is planning to introduce the tour so that tourists can comfortably explore the monuments. And to add to your viewing pleasure, there will be a state-of-the-art sound and light system that will display special effects at certain monuments. As of now, the department has short-listed twenty monuments for the project. The list includes Eduru Basavanna Mantapa and Kodandarama Temple {where there will also be light and sound shows}.

    The department says that the tour and the light and sound shows will be unlike anything you’ve seen before in the country. And you’ll walk along a 4-kilometre stretch to catch the monuments in new light. If the projects gets the necessary nods, the night tours may start as early as September of this year.

    The story first appeared in the New Indian Express.

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