Dive, Chill And Get Your Dose Of Nirvana At This Beach In Gokarna


    If you’re looking for some alone time without the usual tourist crowd around you, head to Nirvana beach in Gokarna to dive into blue waters and enjoy some peace and quiet.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Skip the usual Kudle beach and Om Cafe pattern and head to Nirvana beach this time around. With rocks on one end and crabs crawling out of the sand, this bit of the coastline is secluded from tourists and the commercial bits of Gokarna. If you trek across the rocks, you’ll see folks partaking in water sports. To really know what to do here, we suggest staying at Nirvana Nature which has a few cottages to choose from. They even have tree houses to climb up into and relax with your gang. The local fare served here is brilliant so if you’re a seafood lover, you better try the food here.

    With blue waters and white sand, Nirvana is on the other side of Gokarna making it almost an hour ‘s drive away from Om beach. If you’re looking for a picnic spot with bae or to get into the water without having too many people around, Nirvana is a great spot to hang with your friends or spend some alone time. Enjoy the small town beach life watching fisherman in colourful boats or get that dose of exercise in with a short trek. 

    Here's where to stay when in Gokarna. 


    If you're particular about what you eat and drink, we suggest only spending the day here and staying on another beach. Be sure to pack food while you spend time here because the shacks are limited in number.