Laundry Baskets, Vases & Chairs: Find Cane And Bamboo Decor From Assam Here

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What Makes It Awesome

Want to add some old school charm to your home decor? Check out North East Handicrafts Store in Sahakar Nagar. Run by the super-friendly owner, Shakti, the 18-year-old shop stocks up on bamboo and cane handicraft products sourced directly from Assam. If somehow you end up going here during their lunchtime (3 pm to 6 pm), tough luck. 

When we finally entered the tiny shop (phew!), Shakti ran us through their array of decor options: we spotted pretty garden chairs, tables, lampshades, baskets and wooden sideboards. For gifting options, we'd suggest checking out the stacks of cups, wooden thermos flasks and tiny model huts. If you're not looking for cane furniture, their gifts (whether it's for someone close, or distant) are aplenty. From "showpieces" to trays, lamps, and stationery holders, they've got it, all earthy, simple, and with the classic cane product look. According to us, you'll not go wrong with their vases were you to gift it (even if it's to yourself)

Prices start from as less as INR 50 and go up to INR 25,000 (for the sofas) depending on the kind of products you choose. They also do shital pati (mats made from murta plants) that you can paste on a wall or a ceiling, and bring down the temperature of the room.


They also do custom indoor and outdoor window blinds, so if you're trying to escape the blinding sun every morning, Shakti is the person to hit up.