Zumba Queen Shwetambari Shetty Shares 10 Exercises You Can Do At Office



    Shwetambari Shetty, Zumba queen and educational specialist and co-founder of The Tribe Fitness, says that incorporating an exercise that lasts over 15 minutes makes a big difference to the body. So, with the intention of burning calories, moving the joints and strengthening the muscles, here’s her pick of exercises that you can quickly do in office without creating a fuss.


    This is a movement that replicates sitting on a chair. Keep your feet hip-width or shoulder width apart, toes slightly pointed out. Extend your arms out just to add a little momentum. While keeping the upper body straight, drop the butt down (like you would while sitting on a chair). Start with going parallel to the ground, and then add in deeper squats when comfortable. You can also lean against a wall to begin with.

    Target zone: Thighs, hips and buttocks.

    Repetitions: 15 – 75

    Stair Walk/Run

    Most offices or homes have stairways. Incorporate a brisk walk or to increase cardio, a run, up and down the stairs at least four times. Throw in about three squats after every ten steps and you’ll be building strength and cardio simultaneously.

    Target zone: Legs and cardio

    Repetitions: Four times a day

    Leg Raise

    Sit in your chair and then with or without the support of the handles, raise both your legs as high as you can. Hold for about five seconds and then slowly bring it back down but not touching the floor.

    Target zone: Abdominal muscles

    Repetitions: Ten minimum

    Tricep Dips

    Use a chair without wheels or your desk to strengthen those triceps. Place your hands at the edge of the surface and feet away from the body. Grip the chair strong and drop the bottom down and raise it up ensuring the hands straighten out.

    Target zone: Triceps and back

    Repetitions: 40 with a break at every ten.

    Wall Push Up

    A simple push up can be done against the wall. Stand facing the wall with arms shoulder width apart and pressed against the wall. Keep your feet apart and away from the wall. Extend the arms, straight and back to bent elbows.

    Target zone: Triceps, shoulders, biceps, chest, back. It also works on the abdominals and legs.

    Repetitions: Five sets of ten each

    All Fours

    Exactly as the name suggests, get on all fours, arms and knees down on the floor like in a doggy position with arms shoulder width apart and knees together. Lift your right leg up and extend it all the way to the back, straight, squeezing the butt muscle. Now extend the opposite hand (left hand) straight out. Hold for 15 seonds and switch sides. Or, you can bring the knee and elbow in and extend it out without dropping it back on the ground. Then don’t forget to switch sides.

    Target zone: Glutes and hamstring

    Repetitions: 15 to 20 on each side.

    Arm Extensions

    While sitting in your chair, extend your arms straight out to the side and make very small circles in the air. Squeeze the bicep and tricep muscle as much as you can, feel the tension, and that is when you know it’s going right.

    Target zone: Arms and shoulders

    Repetitions: Four times for twenty seconds

    Inch Worm

    Stand with feet comfortably apart. Bend your upper body down towards the ground. Walk the hands forward to almost a push up position. Now walk your feet forward, keeping the hands on the ground. Crawl out again, bring the feet in again.

    Target zone: Whole body with focus on shoulders, abdomen and hips

    Repetitions: 10-15 times

    Hollow Body

    Sit down on your butt with knees bent. Gently lower your back closer to the ground, with the abdomen contracted. Extend your legs out straight and arms straight over the head to a 45-degree angle. Keep the neck relaxed, core engaged and shoulders off the ground. Hold it as long as you can, at least 60 seconds, drop and repeat a few times.

    Target zone: Abdominal muscles

    Repetitions: Hold for 60 seconds a few times.

    Reach Up And Down

    Keep your feet wider-than-hip width. Raise your arms over head with palms touching, nice and straight. Bring the arms to hips, then bring them all the way down to the toes, keeping knee soft.

    Target zone: Entire body

    Repetitions: 10 to 15

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