Camo Pants, ID Tags And A Shooting Range: Live The Army Life At This Military Destination

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What Makes It Awesome

Celebrating the armed forces, Olive Planet is a brand that deals in all things military, from ID tags to adventure gear like nifty rucksacks and outdoor tents. They’ve also got a shooting range. All of this can be shopped online by clicking on Enquire Now.

A military brand through and through, Olive Planet also has a physical location in Kattigenahalli, Bangalore, a space that gives you the entire army experience from fitting you with the right clothes and gear from their store, to letting you take aim and shoot at the target practice range. The space is done up completely in military green and they’ve got a cafe on the premises too, serving up pastas, steaks, sizzlers and pancakes.  The cafe has a nice little al fresco space as well. Oh, and if you’re military personnel, you’re entitled to a discount on meals.

If you’ve had a bad day and want to blow off some steam, or if you just want to know what firing a rifle feels like, in a completely safe environment, hit up their targets shooting range and fire away. They have target shooting memberships too if you want to go shoot at the range on the regular. A nine-year-old enterprise, Olive Planet was started to bring quality military and adventure gear and experiences to civilians, military personnel and retired veterans.

Get combat ready beacause they have a a full-fledged store where you can score everything from military tags to combat boots, there’s plenty to interest the adventure junkie in you. We’re loving their bandanas, olive green cargos and hardy duffels make us want to backpack around the country right away. If you love camping, boy have they got you sorted. From tents and sleeping mats to metal compasses and fire strikers, kick it old-school and take on the great outdoors. Trekkers and hikers can find belts, watches, gloves and those oh-so-cool aviator sunglasses here. We’re already feeling like Maverick (Tom Cruise) from Top Gun.


Prices start at an easy INR 75. They have also introduced survival kits and cool tactical deployment army boots equipped with a fast lacing system and side zipper.