Up For A Challenge? Then This Nine Hills Trekking Trail Near Sakleshpur Might Test Your Mettle


    Earn your trekking stripes with a trip to one of the most difficult and yet super exciting trails in Karnataka – Ombattu Gudda. Thick forests, rivers, and elephant sightings await you on your way to the top.

    Up, Up And Away

    Wedged between Sakleshpur and Hassan, the Kabbinale Reserve Forest is home to the legendary Ombattu Gudda peak that’s on the bucket list of every serious trekker in this part of the world. Relatively unknown and, therefore, almost untouched – Ombattu Gudda {meaning, nine hills} is strictly for those who are up for a mountain-size challenge.

    The best route to get here is through Sakleshpur and reach the Gundya check post. Here you can grab a few supplies and head out into the forest. Unfortunately, there are no guides that can help you out so you better be armed with maps and GPS tracking devices. Many have known to get lost in these jungles so make sure you are well versed with your route and more importantly travel in a large group. The best way to guarantee a safe trek is to sign up with a local travel outfit like Thrillophilia.

    Rumble In The Jungle

    The initial jeep tracks, at the edge of the forest reserve, soon give way to muddy trails that are thick with overgrown vegetation {don’t forget that leech spray at home}. You then make your way to the serene Kabbinale river and spend the first day {around six to eight hours} just hiking along the rocky terrain by the river till you reach a gorgeous waterfall. Then, you can call it a night.

    The second day is when you encounter the scenic beauty of the forests. During the early mornings, the sun plays peek-a-boo through the thick canopies of trees. And you might even spot a herd of elephants sauntering by. When you reach the top , you see glorious mountains carpeted with lush greenery and swirls of mist. You know then that the ache in your feet is totally worth it!