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The Fizz Is Here To Stay: Bangalore, You Got To Check Out This Kombucha Brand

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JAL Kombucha

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What Makes It Awesome

The kombucha is here to stay. And we are not complaining one bit. Especially not after we tried Jal Kombucha's range of flavoured kombucha. Jal Kombucha sent over a pack of six assorted kombuchas to us and like the good kids we are, we had one every day. After all, kombucha is good for your gut and when you have flavours such as Classic Booch, Aura, Hot Pine, Himalayan Bliss, Ultimate Booch and Southern Ghats, you know you got to savour them. Our favourites of the lot were the Classic Booch and Hot Pine. 

The Classic Booch is the signature kombucha (it's fermented for 15 days) -- it's fizzy and works as an anytime drink. The Hot Pine is a combination of pineapple and bird's eye chilli, so you get notes of sour, spice, and sweetness. We had this with our hot chilli noodles, and we loved how it complimented the dish. You'll want more of this, that's for sure. You can place orders for single flavours, happy packs (which gives you an option of assorted as well as classic flavours in pack of four, six, and 10). 

The kombucha is priced at INR 110 onwards and happy packs start at INR 499


There's only a monthly kombucha subscription you can opt for INR 1,399 where Jal Kombucha delivers a total of 15 kombuchas twice a month.