Purple Dumplings, Sushi Boats And Khao Suey: Singkong Just Went Sriracha

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Singkong is now Sriracha and the pan-Asian game at this swanky new restaurant in UB City has us brushing up on our chopstick skills majorly.

Pan-Asian Galore

Barring a few of the signature cuisines of Singkong, the menu is completely new and curated by Chef Vikas Seth with his team with plenty of chef’s specials that will leave you stuffed like the Wild Mushroom Purple Dumplings, a signature must-try, served here. While sushis and dim sums take centre-stage, it’s the live salad preparation, extensive appetizer menu, and well-portioned mains that make you come back.

Pair all of that with the contemporary decor that highlights Asian elements through murals that depict dragons, temples, and the likes, you’ve got yourself a fine dining experience. Oh, watch out for the plate mats that come with tidbits of information about Asian culture. Who knows, you could impress your date the next time you are here.

Get Your Chopsticks Ready

Start off with the Sriracha’s Som Tam, a green papaya salad that’s made right at the table. A light salad that sets the tone for your meal, this nutty salad comes with slivers of green papaya and green mango, and grapefruit and orange segments. If you like some meat in your salad, do try the Banana Blossom Salad that comes with chicken, crispy onions, and spiced peanuts in a piquant lemon chilli dressing.

If you are going in a group, order the assorted sushi boat and dim sum basket. For date nights, stick to the Spicy Tuna Roll and the Salmon Roll from the sushi section and the Chinese Cabbage & Pak Choy and Burnt Garlic Basil Chicken Crystal dumplings from the dim sum section. Special mention to the Dragon Maki Roll, an uramaki roll with cream cheese that’s presented like a dragon using avocado slices — Instagram-worthy and so delicious.

Protagonists & Side Kicks

Before you hop on to mains, you have to try the Sriracha Chicken Bao with crispy shredded potatoes. The Togarashi Dusted Sriracha Prawns also got a thumbs up from us. The prawns are spicy {we liked} while the Baked Chicken Puff is sweet {not our thing}, thanks to the soy oyster sauce drizzled over it. Lovers of pork, do try the Coffee Rubbed Pork Riblets, although we couldn’t really taste the coffee flavour, the juiciness and the green apple slaw served on the side won it for us. For vegetarians, there’s the Pandan Leaf Wrapped Cottage Cheese with a spicy chilli coriander soy sauce.

From the mains, we recommend the hearty Khao Suey. The Banana Leaf Wrapped Fish {catch of the day or basa} is to be shared and make sure the bao soaks in all the sweet chilli Thai basil sauce the fish is cooked in. Another meal to share would be the Cantonese Roast Chicken that we tried. A half bird recipe, the tender chicken paired with Cantonese sauce will leave you wanting more of that sweet and spicy sauce. Wrap up your meal with the decadent Sumatra Dark Chocolate Mousse that you probably shouldn’t share because it is so good.

So, We Are Thinking...

The menu is overwhelmingly extensive and if it weren’t for the Chef’s Special, you’d have a tough time ordering. Other than that, the drinks menu is shared with Sanchez, the Mexican restaurant, so you’ll need the mixologist’s help in case you want something Asian flavoured.