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Go On A Movie Date With Your Kid At City's Only Dedicated Theatre For Kids

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The city's only dedicated theatre for kids, PVR Playhouse, will make all you adults jealous. It comes with a slide, bean bag chairs, and a kids-only menu!  

What Makes It Awesome

It can't get more awesome than this. At least for kids aged between three and 12. PVR's Playhouse is a 49-seater movie theatre that's dedicated to the young ones of the said age group. And they only play kid and kid-friendly movies! Think Peter Rabbit, Isle Of Dogs, and Incredibles 2. How cool is that, right? Well, it's a lot cooler than you think because it comes with a slide which kids can use to reach their seats! Yes, a slide instead of stairs! All our childhood dreams right there.

Beanbags for seats and the whole place gets a colourful makeover, unlike the boring ones the adults have. Think Snakes and Ladders, and LEGO bricks installments. Parents, brothers and sisters, you can accompany your child or sibling to the theatre, but you'll have to make do with the boring but colourful normal style seating. 

What Could Be Better

Parents you might find the place a little too noisy, but this is after all a kid's place. Expect craziness and kids running around the place. Watch out for the slide, even though it's tiny, better safe than sorry. 

Pro Tip

They have a kids menu and you can book out the entire place for birthday parties. Too bad we are way too old, else, you know where our next birthday would be.