Prized & Precious: This Local Business Is Sourcing The Best Vintage Handcrafted Decor

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The Blue Trunk

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What Makes It Awesome

True vintage decor lovers will know how hard it is to find what they're specifically looking for. The hunt never ends and nothing can replace the feeling of getting what you want. Well, your constant scouting can now be put to rest, because we've found The Blue Trunk. Run by travel lovers and collectors, Shruti and her husband, this business sources decor from artisans across the country. Their journey, Shruti says, takes them to the deepest corners, through villages. Most of their vintage collection is from South India and Western India. They also work with artisans to create a handcrafted range of decor. 

On their Instagram and Facebook you will find a bunch of homeware divided into categories of divine (religious/spiritual decor, shrines and figurines), kitchenware (brass pots, steamers, masala boxes), beauty (jewellery boxes, sindoor and surma dhaanis) and general pieces like lithographs, old frames and vases. The handcrafted range has masks and Shiva and Gauri Heads as best sellers. What makes The Blue Trunk stand out is the fact that they take beautiful vintageware and reinvent them into decor. Like the Chettinadu Holders make for gorgeous wall accents or the Lucknowi Paandans work very well as jewellery holders. 

You can e-shop through their social media handles. Together with images they give you an in-depth description of the piece, its history and dimensions. Prices start at INR 2,500 upwards.


Shruti tells us that The Blue Trunk can also source a specific vintage piece on request and can have masks and other handcrafted decor customised according to your liking. They ship globally too!