How To Set Up A Vintage Theme Home Whether You're Hipster Or Old School


    An aesthetic that really seems to stick around is the vintage one. There’s a timeless charm in furniture and decor that’s reminiscent of the past. There’s something romantic about ornate carvings, classic design elements, and old world grace that comes from the vintage aesthetic. If you’re looking to set up your home with vintage decor, be it in small doses or the whole house, this is the right place for you because we have some helpful suggestions on how to make your space more vintage themed. 

    Vintage Themed Decor And Accessories

    Vintage Crafts

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    Let’s start small, and look at just adding a touch of vintage to your space shall we? Individual pieces (or showpieces as you might know them) might be a great way to start. Vintage corner pieces and accessories are always a safe bet. Think typewriters, vehicle models, old telephones, and nautical themed decor should do the trick. Outside of local antique dealers and vintage decor stores, few brands also only sell vintage-themed decor through the country, we’re loving Vintage Crafts and  Evotique (they take up bespoke orders too).

    For more vintage home decor pieces, click here.

    Play With Your Colour Scheme

    Sheen Decor

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    What colours come to mind when you think of vintage? Usually dark browns, beige(ish), brassy gleams, off whites, and occasionally pastels and muted tones. Obviously reflective of lasting decades, and that of the materials and pigments available from pre-syntethic anything days. Essentially avoid bright colours and you’re good. Incorporating dark brown pouffesneutral shades to offset the darker browns, and a touch of metal will add to the vintage vibe For more ways to add metal to your home, check here.

    Go Dark

    Temple Town

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    A surefire way to channel the vintage vibe is to go dark. The best antique style homes and rooms rely on natural light, but also furniture that’s varnished and polished dark. If you’re not able to pick up decor and home accents that exude a vintage vibe, let the polish do the talking. Full blown furniture is what we’re talking about. Feel free to shop for antiques (whether it’s Indian or colonial styles) online or hit up a local antiques store. For storage options, pick up deep-hued trunks or drapes among other things. If you hit up a store, look for their more rustic or ask for time period specific options.

    Get A Piece Of History

    Picket Fence

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    Okay, so one sure shot way to incorporate vintage or antique aesthetics to your home is to literally get old furniture or decor! There are many brands that work with reclaimed material, pieces of furniture, or upcycle old things to make great furniture. Sometimes the distressed finish of wood does the trick . Even if it’s not a vintage piece, looking like one makes a difference. Brass planters were a big deal back in the day, and had multifunctional use, so keeping some around will definitely age the look a bit. 

    Let The Light Talk

    Fos Lighting

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    Lighting can really set the mood or ruin it. While heavily reliant on natural lighting, a vintage-themed home pretty much uses warm yellow lighting. No fairy lights or neon signages, vintage lighting is synonymous with lampshades, naked bulbs, and candles. Channel the Victorian vibe with fabric lampshades or something more rudimentary all the way from the Industrial Revolution with industrial style statement bulb style lighting. Another option is to channel the Vanity Mirror look (works just as well over glass). Speaking of mirrors, older homes had a lot since it was great for reflecting light and here’s where you can read about more. Oh, and if you want to go full old school, there are always candles