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Your Bling Will Sing & How: Just Accessorise With These Shiny, Statement Pieces!

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Soi Ombre

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What Makes It Awesome

When you want your jewellery to be a reflection of yourself there's no point going after the jaded, seen-before styles. Something unique, something customised, shiny and statement -- just like how you are, will only cut the deal. So, count on Soi Ombré, literally translating to 'self reflection' to deliver all this and so much more with their stunning sterling silver handcrafted jewellery.

Based in Hyderabad, this homegrown accessories label screams elegance and luxury but is deceivingly affordable, which was what had us falling in love in the first place. But that's just not it, Soi Ombré takes customer service a step further or lest we say, to its pinnacle and offers customisation of anything imaginable. So if not something you want from their pre-existing collections, no sweat, just swish your wand and you'll have what you wish! 

We also highly recommend Soi Ombré for its understanding of trends without steering too far away from the classics. Upon browsing through their site, you will find collections that celebrate the Evil Eye, Zodiac Signs, Stackable or Layered Pieces, all built with a touch of minimalism, exquisite charm and subtle statement that can be flaunted on the daily. In terms of quality, anything you pick (whether for the ear, neck, wrist, hand) is all made in 925 sterling silver (the purest out there) and semi-precious stones and enamel. Picking favourites is a tough ask, but we are certainly gushing over the Alphabet/Letter and Zodiac Necklaces and the whole Meaningful Jewels Range -- boasting of pieces that tell a story.


Everything said, the prices are still the best part about Soi Ombré. Starting at INR 899 only, owning anything from here instantly makes you feel special at a literally a very small price. The brand is also big on influencer collaborations, so you may want to check out styles fashioned after your beloved 'gram peeps too!