Soju, Banchan And Bulgogi: Korean Restaurant Soo Ra Sang Never Lets Us Down

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What Makes It Awesome

If you’re craving stellar Korean food at a good price, accompanied by plenty of small plates and even a complimentary dessert, Soo Ra Sang should be your go-to restaurant in the city! In traditional Korean-style, the restaurant has only low-rise tables (with space underneath for your feet), with a mini-BBQ grill on the surface. The tables are separated from each other by a screen, so while this might not be the most obviously romantic restaurant, there’s plenty of privacy. Our favourite part of the ambience is the constant playlist of latest K-Pop music playing on a screen in front of the tables.

All the best dishes at Soo Ra Sang are meat, so if you’re a vegetarian, be prepared for limited options. However, the banchan (side dishes) spread that comes before your meal is mostly vegetarian — scallion pancakes, fried soy beans, cabbage kimchi, braised baby potato, radish are just a few you can expect! We were quite hungry, so we ordered three dishes: the chicken jap che, chicken in a spicy with glass noodles, pork deji bulgogi in a spicy green sauce and beef bulgogi, marinated and grilled meal. We also opted for soju, a Korean alcohol. All three dishes were excellently made and all the meats were soft, not chewy. Despite arriving so quickly they were well-marinated and very flavourful.  Watch out, the Deji Bulgogi has quite a burn to it! Apart from the Jap Che, the other two dishes came with sticky rice.

After our enormous meal, we were surprised when the waiter approached our table with a palate-cleansing chilled cinnamon tea and a several small slices of cheesecake. While the tea was soothing, the cheesecake was soft, fluffy and absolutely delicious! The prices seem a little steep at first, but once you take all the extras into consideration, you’re getting real value for money.


Aside from the overly chatty but friendly owner, Soo Ra Sang is truly a hidden gem of a restaurant. The food is always on point, and the waiting time is never long so you don’t have to worry about getting a table! We’re definitely heading back soon to try their barbecue! The restaurant is open between 12:30 pm and 9 pm. They aren't available on Swiggy or Zomato, but you can call 08041303435, have your order placed, Gpay and then have Dunzo pick up your order.