Not Just Gobi, This Street Food Cart In Vijayanagar Does Six Kinds Of Manchurian

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Along with the six kinds of Manchurian, they also do six kinds of fried rice. It’s basically a cart that dishes out fried goodness. See you there.

Gobi A Foodie

Sure, Gobi Manchurian, the ultimate Chindian street food out there, is something that we have all had at one point in our life. But have you tried Spinach Manchurian? Or how about Potato Manchurian? Well, if you haven’t then set your Google Maps to Spurthy Gobi Centre in Vijayanagar. Actually, set your Maps to Vijayanagar Water Tank, because that’s where this cart is located, on Vijayanagar’s small but bustling street food lane.

Fritters of cauliflower, potatoes, spinach, baby corn, paneer, and mushroom, all get the Manchurian treatment that’s sinfully saucy and definitely spicy {they can tone down the spice}. You can order it either in a half portion or a full portion depending on your hunger or gluttony. In any case, you will find happiness is just a plate of these calorie-laden yummers. Oh, and did we tell you these Manchurian’s are Insta-worthy too? Time to get your followers drooling {like we did}.

Rice Is Nice

If the plate of Mushroom Manchurian isn’t enough, how about ordering a Mushroom Fried Rice? Or Potato Fried Rice? Sounds like all your hunger pangs will be sorted in one go, right? Well, it’s what it sounds like. Ours definitely did. And best the part is you can get all them parcelled if you can’t finish them.

A half plate of cauliflower, spinach, and potato Manchurian is priced at INR 20, while a full plate is INR 40. Mushroom, paneer, and baby corn Manchurian costs INR 40 for a half plate and INR 70 for a full plate. Half plate rice is INR 40, while a full plate will set you back only INR 70. These guys open shop at 4 pm with 6 pm to 8 pm being peak hours, so you might have to wait a bit if there’s a crowd. But, it’s worth the wait, we think!