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Of Kulfis and Fresh Juices: Sreeraj Lassi Bar is your Summertime BFF

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That oasis of all things cooling, Sreeraj Lassi Bar, strategically placed across the city’s most bustling areas is your place to go this entire summer.

All about flavour

At the Kamraj Road outlet, we chatted to a lady who’s passed on the tradition of shopping on Commercial Street, then refuelling at Sreeraj Lassi Bar {specifically on Moosambi Juice and Kesar Kulfi}, to her daughter and now granddaughter. So this isn’t just another refreshment point. It’s a page in the history of Bangalore. And we love it more with every new flavour on the menu!

If you’re around since the humble beginning in 1973, you’ll remember that owner, Abdu Rahiman kicked things off with a kulfi cart before the counter at the Sreeraj Hotel on Lavelle Road. Kulfi still remains a hit across all stores, naturally. Currently, there’s kaju, mango, kesar badam and elaichi {their signature}. But we’re tripping on Matka Kesar Kulfi – that divine icy cool kulfi in a kullad so it doesn’t get messy. Of course, it has to be said that the juices here are spot on too. Skip the usual fruit ones in favour of musk melon, Arabian Pulpy {grapes} and fresh strawberry for a change.

Old favourites

You’ll find everyone from college kids and office folk to shoppers and government officials {best place to catch them off guard if you need!}, crowding for their share of the numerous kinds of lassi. Forget the usual sweet and salt, instead opt for the tangy pudina or khara version. On the health brigade? Fear not as the fruit lassis {grape, strawberry, pineapple and mango} will give you tremendous respite and frozen yoghurt companies a run for their money!

If for some tragic reason the old-school stuff doesn’t cut it for you, there’s Oreo, Pink Berry and Coolberry Milkshakes on offer too. Plus, fresh dates milkshake and ice cream, Choco Nut Kulfi and chocolate kulfi. There’s ice creams too in flavours ranging from black currant and butter scotch to triple sundaes and pista.

So we’re thinking…

Fuss-free, fresh and never dipping on quality {in our experience, at least}, it’s a refreshing change from the office kitchenette. Don’t try to linger though, as time is money in this place, and rightfully so.

Find your nearest Sreeraj Lassi Bar here.

Price: INR 50 upwards

Check out their website here.