Get A Personalised Artwork Made Out Of Strings From This Artist


String-A-Long by Sushmita creates art with strings and nails that can be personalised as name boards, artworks, and even photo frames to brighten your living space.

What Makes It Awesome

Add a personal touch to your bedroom or living space with art made out strings and needles by String-A-Long. Started in November 2018, Sushmita who used to work as a UI designer started experimenting with handmade cards and found her calling with string art. Made with cotton and woollen strings, she creates name boards, wall art pieces and photo frames that can be personalised. Think unicorns, a dancing couple, traditional Indian dolls, cupcakes or your favourite quote. She tailor-makes each art piece as per your requirement. She uses wood as her base and works with colourful strings to bring your vision to life. 

If you are looking to gift bae, friends or family something thoughtful, these string boards are a great option. Add an element of your birth date or anniversary date with a personalised message along with the artwork. If you love pets, you can also get a portrait of a dog or cat. The cute little hearts and paws made out of strings will add an element of colour and life to your space. Apart from string art, she also does typography and chalkboard art. The Led light string boards are adorable and a great option for room decor. The prices here start at INR 650 and you can hit her up on Instagram or Facebook to place your orders.