No Electricity For Phone Speakers? Pick Up Wireless Bamboo Speakers From This Collective


    Sustainable Clumps is a zero waste collective  that works with small time producers for lifestyle products, like wireless speakers, plantable pencils, and minimalist notebooks made of recycled paper. 

    What Makes it Awesome

    Sustainability starts at home, and that’s what all our parents will tell us with all their stories of recycling and upcycling back before it was cool (and because they had no choice). Today, we can aim to move to a sustainable lifestyle while also picking up on some long lasting home decor products (among other things) that are low-impact from Sustainable Clumps. Basically, they’re a collective of small producers, designers, and communities that make sustainable lifestyle products (where the definition of sustainable is holistic, as the sustainability applies to the production process and the producers’ lives as well). 

    Find wooden, and coconut shell cutlery (table and serving), bamboo straws and tooth brushes, terracotta tableware and natural, organic soaps (in eco-friendly packaging of course) all made by self-help groups, and cooperatives to support their family, and your lifestyle. Stationery fiends can pick up doodle friendly notebooks (made of wood and recycled paper) and plantable pencils. One of the cooler things they have is their acoustic bamboo speaker, with Channapatna style artwork. Simple yet effective, these are hollow bamboo branches with a slit for your phone. The natural shape of bamboo allows for great reverb and sound amplification, perfect for when you’re travelling and don’t have access to plug points and cost between INR 250 and INR 350 depending on size. 

    What Could Be Better

    They primarily function through social media, but you’ll still need to call them to find out what’s available and how long it will take for delivery.