P For Personalised & Pretty: This Service Sets Up The Most Elegant Tablescapes!

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What Makes It Awesome

Nothing makes an occasion or an event grander than the sight of a breathtaking tabletop, but here's reality -- tablescaping isn't everyone's cup of tea! Some might also argue that getting a table setup on an affordable budget is even harder. All we're here to tell you is that the two -- a gorgeous tablescape ( set up by a professional) at an affordable price aren't mutually exclusive, thanks to Tablescapes By P. 

Born out of necessity, like every good and problem solving business is, Tablescapes By P creates the moment while you create the memories, shares "P" aka Partiksha, the Founder. No matter the size of the event, whether a small dessert table or an elaborate sit down private dinner, Tablescapes By P will curate table decor and theme based personalised sets. The emphasis is also on making these smaller gatherings (that is now the only way we can meet and bond) much more special than it already is.

Thus far, Tablescapes By P has created set ups and decor for birthday parties, Diwali, Christmas and a disco theme (by far their most requested set up). Partiksha uses careflly sourced decor and art pieces to create her own concept and design (none inspired). She loves dabbling in florals, candles and candle holders, exquisite crockery and more. Soon, she will be creating non-floral arrangements as an experimentation. Don't know about you, but we're ready to welcome home this concept of elegance meets desire.


Prices start at INR 12,000 upwards plus labour and transport. Tablescapes By P is based in Bangalore, but Partiksha is more than happy to offer services anywhere in the country provided the costs of the actuals on travel is covered. Click on Enquire Now to get in touch and chat with her directly.