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Rahul Dravid & Milind Soman Approve Of This New (Traditional) Training Program

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What Makes It Awesome

Say hello to Tagda Raho, a Bangalore-based training and fitness start-up, that aims to re-introduce the country to traditional Indian practices of training. Taking inspiration from equipment and exercises used in Akhadas, our interest was piqued. So we trooped off to the Dug-Out in Ulsoor, on invitation of Rishabh Malhotra, founder and trainer of Tagda Raho. 

With artificial turf on one end and a sand pit on the other, you know you’re in for a unique workout that blends Western and ancient Indian practices. Don’t be intimidated by the presence of Mudgars, Hanuman Gadas, Sumtolas - all traditional equipment used for centuries to build strength. You’ll love them soon! But first, warm up in the form of a few reaction drills for a mix of balance, coordination and getting the body warmed up. 

Then based on your fitness level, pick up a weapon of choice. What? We felt like warriors, OK? Even Tagda Raho the name is inspired by the salutation used in the Assam Regiment of the Indian Army. So, stick with it in the Akhadas or Garadi Mane. The program, called Prahaar, in addition to full-body workouts in the sand pit, also includes battle ropes, sand pit digging, partner/buddy workouts, throwing, walking, running…all under the open sky. One session in and we could really see how this program could benefit not only physical strength but also mental agility and general endurance. Especially since the exercises don’t always include equal weights on both sides. Like Rishab said, it isn’t like all your grocery bags weigh the same! So, unequal weight and balance in life is crucial! He is also all about technique over speed. In fact, that is what Rahul Dravid noticed. And now Tagda Raho is part of the National Cricket Academy gym! Other fans of the program include Pro Kabbadi League team, Haryana Steelers, and former Indian cricket captain Suresh Raina. If we still don’t have your attention, then here…Milind Soman approved of this brand too. We're fans too, just FYI! It's not as easy as it looks, but it really will work wonders for you mentally and physically. 

Prices: INR 3,500 (per month) just for the weekend classes, and INR 3,999 (per month) for three sessions a week, and if you’re going hardcore, then it’s INR 5,999 for 5-6 days in the week, but again, the prices are for the month. 

Pro Tip

Go here in your regular workout wear with a bottle of water and towel. You won't be needing shoes as it's done bare footed. Also, leave your ego at home.