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Relax Among The Wilderness In A Tiny Home: This Getaway Is Made For The Soul!


    What Makes It Awesome

    When Julia Roberts was introduced to 'the sweetness of doing nothing' or 'dolce far niete', like the Italians call it in Eat, Pray, Love, all we longed for on the other end of the screen was to experience this feeling. Now these dreams can finally come true in Tenpy. A blend of the words 'tent' and 'canopy', this experiential service has brought the latest vacation trend to Bangalore, one that every eco-friendly or adventurous traveller seeks. 

    Tiny Homes or a Container Home is what Tenpy offers its overworked guests with the sole purpose of selling them sleep and relaxation! Truly thoughtful if you ask us. Where's the adventurous element? It's simply in the fact that you're living in a cute little tiny home and get to experience nature in a sustainable way. Tepny creates its cabins by upcycling unused shipping containers and then names them after fun characters from books. Their first cabin (more in the making) is Rusty, after Ruskin Bond's, Rusty The Boy From The Hills

    Rusty is located amidst nature, at different spots away from the hustle and bustle of the city, (a 90 minute drive at most). Here although you don't expect hotel-class amenities, simple and comfortable living is a definite promise. With a queen size bed, single bed, bathroom and a kitchenette, all the normal necessities that we take for granted and the one's that don't exist while camping are made available in an understated manner. A tiny home can accommodate up to 2-3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. Tenpy is also pet-friendly, so take your fur babies along to snuggle away with!


    As advertised, Tenpy is for you to unplug, a digital detox if you will. No wifi here, so carry a book or a musical instrument. You can also carry your own food and set up a barbecue (meals are covered too though). No strenuous activity is advised, but you can head out on a nature trail, gaze at the stars or enjoy a campfire. Prices start at INR 3,700 for 1 day, one night  (inclusive of taxes, exclusive of food). Tenpy's second tiny home - Heidi located at Doddenahalli Hills is now up and super in demand! Trek it out and get ready to unplug.