Pad Thai To Tom Kha: This Hidden Gem Serves Up Authentic And Yum Thai Fare

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What Makes It Awesome

One of our favourite spots in the city for some authentic Thai food in Bangalore, Thai House serves up some delish food that will transport you to the streets of Bangkok and beyond while you are at Brigade Road. Regular patrons will remember this place as Lan Thai and for the Pad Thai that used to be served. Luckily nothing except the name has changed. Located inside the 5th Avenue Mall, the nondescript restaurant's most attention-grabbing spot is the yellow and red signage itself. Tables dot the space and some days, especially on weekends, you might not find a spot (the dining space is shared by the other eateries at the mall).

Obviously, the Pad Thai is what we recommend you try here first. For those unfamiliar with Thai cuisine, it's a sweet-spicy flat rice noodle dish served with peanuts, sprouts, and spring onions. You can add veggies, chicken, prawns, or beef to the mix. If you want the dish spicier, top off the noodles with the funky and spicy chilli fish sauce. Our other favourite is the Rice with Basil Chicken and Fried Egg. It's a filling meal and for those who love their food to pack a lot of heat and kick, then this is the one. It's also available in beef, prawn, or veggie variants. If you are coming with a group, then definitely order the soups -- Tom Yum and Tom Kha are our picks. Oh and definitely order the Fried Chicken with Thai Herbs, Raw Papaya Salad, and Red Curry and Green Curry.  

To wash it all down, we always alternate between Iced Blue Pea and Iced Lemon Tea drinks. The stall next door also serves great bubble tea with and without dairy that are highly recommended. We've only had the sticky rice with mango for dessert and it was good. 


If you are confused about what to order, check with the friendly staff, they will be more than happy to help you out.