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Enjoy The Rains From Treetops At The Machan In Lonavala


    The Machan, located two and a half hours away from Mumbai, is an eco-resort which offers a range of unique tree-houses situated upto 40 feet above the forest canopy, allowing for great views and cool weather.

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    The Machan is located in Jambulne, one of the 25 biological hotspots in the world. What we love about this resort is the ‘up in the air’ vibe of staying here. The treehouses are secluded and beautifully done-up with hardwood floors and large windows which allow for the fog to literally enter our room.

    The view is greenery as far as the eye can see, with not a manmade structure in sight. Heritage, Canopy, Forest, Jungle Sunset and Cabin are their treehouse options. If you’re worried about the insects, don’t be – we were pleasantly surprised to find the rooms completely clean and bug-free – and a bottle of Hit in the bathroom for unexpected visitors. The rooms also have air-conditioning, but if you’re like us you might prefer to spend more time on the rooms’ decks for the view.

    Need To Know

    The meals are home-made and reasonably priced, and have many options for vegetarians. The rooms are a little on the expensive side, so would be ideal if you’re heading out in a large group or to celebrate a special occasion.

    The resort offers daily yoga classes, forest tours, documentary screenings, trekking, and will even set up a bonfire for you on a particularly chilly night. We recommend carrying a good pair of sports shoes for getting around, since the ground can get slippery around the monsoons. Also, be warned tech junkies – there’s no television, mobile network or internet.

    Check out their website here, and make a booking here.