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This Zero-Waste Juice Corner In Bengaluru Is Winning Hearts!

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Welcome to Eat Raaja, a zero-waste juice corner located in the Malleshwaram of Bengaluru. Here you can enjoy fresh homemade juices, which are served using fruit shells - putting waste resources to its best use. Isn’t it?

What makes this juice shop even more distinct is the initiative that the shop is carrying forward. It is being run by Anand Raaj, who quit his flourishing 12-year-old career in radio and decided to take over the reins of his family juice shop.

What’s different here: The juice corner runs on a motto of zero waste. The shop has absolutely no usage of plastic, moreover it manages it wet waste by making bio-enzymes. For all those who don’t know what it is - Bio-Enzyme is a multi-purpose, natural cleaner that is made using vegetable or fruit peels (usually citrus) or kitchen waste. It is absolutely an eco-friendly way to ditch the harsh chemicals that one uses to wash bathrooms, toilets, floors, tiles and other surfaces. Today, the shop makes almost 100 litres of bio-enzyme per month and sells it for Rs 100 a litre in re-purposed beer bottles.

That’s not all! This juice corner is also giving people a lesson on proper waste management and segregation of garbage in wet and dry form.

Zero-waste initiative aside! One can get here fresh fruit juices along with mom-made special items which keep on varying - sometimes the shop sells gun powder masala and sometimes home-made chocolates.

Pro Tip: For all those visiting the juice corner, if you want takeaways - then don’t forget to bring your own cutlery as the shop doesn’t give anything in disposable or plastic items.