This Bangalore Brand Specialises In Nifty, Foldable Furniture And We Are Sold


Twisty is an online decor and furniture store that sells a lot of really cool foldable and portable furniture. Practical and functional and oh so stylish, their furniture is not overpriced either. Plus, no set up needed, no installation fees and no hassles at all!

So Bendy

Twisty is an online decor store that sells portable, easy-to-set-up and foldable furniture that look like they could be conversation starters. The brand offers lightweight pouffes, stools, sofas, benches, lamps and more. What makes Twisty’s offerings super special is that each of their products can be twisted to make unique shapes and patterns just as you wish. No, we really mean it. If you don’t believe us, then watch a video of their amazing products herehere and here. None of the furniture comes with any unnecessary nuts and bolts or overdone accents. It is basic, but comes with good design and is easy-to-use.

We are particularly in awe of their funky benches {which come in red, orange, black, green brown and blue shades} and sofas {available in a 6 seater and a 12 seater version}. All of their furniture is made with eco-friendly materials like wood and cardboard that are easy to source and easy to build on. While the stools come at INR 3,999 and pouffes are priced at INR 5,999. The benches and sofas come at a steeper price though and start at INR 14,999 and INR 49,999.

You can visit their website and look through and order something quick!

Check out Twisty’s website here.

Look at their Facebook page here.