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Harbour Views, Kutchi Food & Antique Beds: Stay One Night At The Museum {Hotel} In Kochi


    Touted to be the first museum hotel in the country, The Waterfront Granary boutique hotel in Mattancherry, Kochi is a passage to the past, with modern amenities to keep things current.

    By The Water

    Love the film Night At The Museum? Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to live it out in reality at this unique hotel in Kochi. Called The Waterfront Granary, this boutique hotel is smack on the waterfront, near the docks, with the ancient and bustling bazaar road on the other. In traditional Kerala style, the hotel has retained the structure of the warehouse it once was. So expect terracotta tiled roofs, rafters in your bedroom {yes, yes, like in the old days}, four-poster beds and antique furniture. We love that the Museum room has high doors — the original ones from the granary, and that it opens straight into the museum hall that is filled with artefacts.

    Get A Room

    Oh! You want to live life king size? Pick the suite, which has possibly the best view in town. It overlooks the harbour, and if you take our advice, then you can easily finish a book, several cups of tea, whilst also watching the ships, trawlers and country boats navigate the waters. Or, just jump into the action by setting off on a boat ride on the backwaters. The hotel has its own private jetty, so no need to worry about going the public route. We suggest booking the boat during sunset, when you can get the most gorgeous views of the hue of the sun’s rays, dancing on the busy waters.

    Hit The Docks

    Since the hotel was started by Afthab and Arshad Ebrahim, hailing from the Singeri family of Kutchi Memon descent, the food is, of course, divine. Think traditional Kutchi recipes handed down the generations. The Traders Deck overlooks the docks and serves up the fresh catch of the day, naturally. If it’s Kutchi food you’re after, make a beeline to the cafe, called Assanjo Masalo. Here’s where you’ll be able to order traditional Kutchi snacks — from samosas to beef cutlets, so make sure you go hungry.

    Do make a stop by the small but pretty swimming pool which is tucked away behind a wall, but has a view of the harbour.