Wayanad Wild

Vythiri, Vythiri

Lakkidi, Vythiri, Kerala


Escape Into The Jungles And Sip On Cocktails In This Hidden Property At The Middle Of Wayanad


Hidden in the jungles of Wayanad, this resort is an oasis of calm and luxury. While the forest is enough to de-stress you, when you add an infinity pool and treks along streams, it’s practically paradise!

Life In The Wild

While roughing it out is OK for some, living with a hint of luxury, whilst still experiencing the ruggedness of the great outdoors, is another option. And one I’ll take over and over if it’ll land me at Wayanad Wild. Set in the thick of the rainforests in the Lakkidi region, this property is almost a secret. Since they offer only 12 rooms, and they’re hardly three months old, you’ll do well to book in advance, as this is one hot property!

To Infinity

Each of the rooms has a lovely balcony to enjoy the sounds of nature, and while they don’t have air-conditioning, you’ll be surprised how cool it is. Leave the balcony door open, switch on the fans, and it’s like you’re on a tropical island! And when you have such an enticing pool as theirs, I hardly even needed the room! Bring on the deck chairs, Bloody Marys, sunglasses and wallow in the infinity pool.

Jungle Nights

What I especially love about this property is that they make every effort to get you to experience the beauty of the rainforests. And it isn’t just the usual trekking. These guys have lovely guided walks along the streams, more strenuous hikes up the hills of the Western Ghats and if you have little ones, then leisurely strolls with a picnic will happily be organised. I usually get my fix of zip-lining {mention this in advance} as well as cycling here. Oh, you can even bob down the river on a bamboo raft for added excitement. For all you ‘tea-totallers’, nip off to the tea factory nearby for a quick tour and tasting.