Give The Art Of Zentangle A Shot With These Classes In The City

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Zentangle art {doodling as self-help art therapy}, derived from the Japanese word ‘Zen’ for meditation and English word ‘Tangle’, has a philosophical base. A US-based couple, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas accidentally discovered it when Maria experienced complete freedom as well as focus when she was drawing patterns with no thought or worry about anything else. Rick felt that she was describing meditation. And thus began their journey towards discovering this form of art so that others might enjoy a similar experience.

Zentangle art is a fun and lighthearted way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. The beauty is that you don’t have to be an artist for that. It has been known to improve self-esteem, creativity and is a fun way to keep you calm and focused. Zentangle as an art form is enjoyed across all geographies and across a wide range of age groups and skill-sets. Since it’s easy to learn, it can be done almost anywhere, alone or in groups, without any special abilities or costly art material. Owing to its meditative nature, it is also prescribed by some therapists as an art therapy. In Bangalore, the art form is evolving and there are quite a few artists to look out for if you’d like to try your hand at Zentangle.

Dilip Patel

A certified Zentangle teacher, Dilip Patel is one of the first to take to this artform {two years ago}. He has a Youtube channel where he posts videos on practising it. His wife Malathi Patel also teaches Zentangle art.

Find him on Facebook here.

Check out his Youtube channel here.

Nithya Rao

Nithya Rao undertakes Zentangle workshops in Lahe Lahe, an expression space in Indiranagar. Though she conducts these workshops in groups, she engages on a one-on-one level as well. A psychology graduate herself, she interprets the zentangles for her participants and makes them introspect on what their artwork means for their personal life. Her workshops are for anyone above 8 years.

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Umesh Prasad

Umesh Prasad’s Zentangle workshops happen at his learning and activity centre, Different Strokes. The technique of creating tangles or patterns, and using them in art are some of the concepts covered in his classes.

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Zenith Artistic Services

An art venture by three psychologists, Zenith uses Zentangle as one of their therapy methods.

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A Bangalore based artist, Rasha also dabbles in Zentangle from time to time, apart from creating fun doodles.

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Zentangle art is fun, simple, meditative, educational and it can be done within twenty minutes. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your pen and paper and start doodling.