Dessert Pani Puri To Popcorn Ice Cream: Get Them All At This Dessert Lab

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What Makes It Awesome

Sharing space with Soul Garden Bistro in Alwarpet, 196 Degree Below (-196 degree Celsius is the temperature at which liquid nitrogen stays liquid) is a small kiosk that is fully equipped with all the latest lab apparatus like boiling flasks, conical flasks, test tubes, syringes, liquid nitrogen churners etc. Watch your desserts come to life as the creamy ice-cream base is dropped in liquid nitrogen.

How does it really happen? Once you choose a Creation like Candyland (bubble gum flavoured ice-cream) or Peanut Butter Popcorn (peanut butter ice-cream with popcorn and caramel sauce!) from the menu, an ice-cream scientist donning a protective suit complete with a lab coat and a pair of goggles adds a well-measured portion of the desired ice-cream flavour in its liquid form from a conical flask to the churner. He then adds another measured portion of liquid nitrogen to the same churner and voila! Rich and creamy ice-cream is served up in seconds. To cancel out any further reactions, he proceeds to add some heavenly favourites like brownies, chocolates, cakes or fresh fruits and a syringe full of your favourite syrup such as coffee, caramel, amarena cherry etc.

196 Degree Below has a huge menu with tons of choices, so you can either pick something off the menu, or you can custom make your own delicacy. Choose a base, an ice-cream flavour and then the throw-ins (cakes and brownies) and the top-ups (sprinkles or gummy bears).  Their ice-cream bases include options like no sugar, yoggi (fro-yo), gelato, vegan soy milk and sorbet. Their list of ice-cream flavours is massive, but the most intriguing ones are Madras Filter Coffee, Horlicks, Milo and Coconut Jaggery.

If you don’t feel like ice-cream, no worries. You can try their dessert pizza or, even better, dessert chaat and be mind-blown! Pani Puri for dessert? Dipped in fudge sauce and served with a variety of toppings, you can try out Dessert Pani Puri here. 196 Degree Below also has waffles and fruit creams, so get your dessert-hungry appetite to Alwarpet and chomp away.


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