Car Washes Are Old School Now With This Service Bringing The Wash To Your Doorstep

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What Makes It Awesome

Hey you vehicle owners! We know that you love to show off those wheels, but we also know how much it takes to keep them spotless. We found a service in Chennai that will take that burden off your shoulders. 24 Care At Car Wash is your best bet when it comes to loving and caring for your vehicle.

They provide services for hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs, MUVs, MPVs and Bikes too! For a minimum fee of INR 750 per month for hatchbacks, 24 Care At Car Wash offers exterior cleaning services on alternate days, where they use a microfiber foam wash that doesn’t leave behind any water stains and leaves your vehicle sparkling.

They even offer interior cleaning services once a month, if you take their package, where they vacuum clean those seats and foot mats too. We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! 24 Care At Car Wash offers their services at your doorstep and all they need from you is a power outlet. For those who may not always be at home to give them that, they will bring their own generator too! So, show off your spotless baby without even moving it from your home.


They are still a growing business and have allocated a set number of clients in an area. So make sure to book a spot for yourself now! They also offer one-day was services.


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