This Brand Has Chemical-Free Substitutes For Home Care Products And We Love It

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What Makes It Awesome

Aitareya is an online home essentials brand that was started by Kirti, a mom who wanted a chemical-free household for her baby. The products are carefully handmade to help us lead a mindful life. Beeswax shoe polish to pechoti set, their catalogue has categories including home care, mind and body care, baby care and even canine care. We love their transparency when it comes to sharing their recipes and they do not mind us making our own version of their products either!

Their Pechoti set consisting of seven cold-pressed oils for seven days of the week is what that caught our eyes. Pechoti method is practiced by applying different kinds of oil on the insides of your belly button for stress relief and other therapeutic purposes.When we looked out for more products, we came to know that Aitareya also makes chemical-free mouth wash, tooth powder,  floor shine and even dog body wash! Yes, they got all your family members covered. In fact, we tried their dog body wash on our pet and they seemed to absolutely enjoy it. Unlike other dog washes, this does not generate foam but our Dalmation is now spotless (we mean, clean). We also cannot wait to try their Pechoti set, we read some great reviews online.

Aitareya's best sellers include their tooth powder for kids and the floor shine. The products range from INR 100 to1NR 1500 and can be shopped on Instagram and Facebook. They also put together gift kits for all kinds of occasion and are open for bulk orders. 


Aitareya participates in pop-ups across the city regularly. Do give them a follow on the gram to know more.


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