Nail Those Fitness Goals With This Fitness Studio In Purusawakkam

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C3 Fitness Science specializes in Cardio, Circuit and CrossFit training and it's giving us some serious fitness goals. 

What Makes It Awesome

Among the more recently opened fitness studios in the city, C3 Fitness Science stands out because of the dedicated focus on functional workouts. Allowing you to work on your resistance, cardiorespiratory and flexibility through cardio, circuit-based and CrossFit workouts, this place can help you kick out your laziness and get you closer to your fitness goals. 

We visited the facility in Purusawakkam and loved how well-spaced out it is. With instructors guiding you throughout the process, you can learn more about your body and get into better shape here. Not just certified fitness instructors, this place also has certified physiotherapists and nutritionists to help you make those lifestyle and dietary changes. 

The CrossFit equipment, in particular, won us over. With dumbells, kettlebells, battle ropes and more, you can get some intense workout done here. Their experienced instructors and the energetic atmosphere at the place will all the more make you feel welcome and pumped to kick those dust off your shoes and work towards a healthier body. They have monthly as well as annual memberships. They are currently running a 48 regimen fitness program, so be sure to check that out. 


They have multiple branches across the city, so be sure to check out the one closest to you.