This Cookware Store Will Make You Touch Base With Your Roots And Switch To Sustainable Living!

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What Makes It Awesome

When it comes to food, there's always a certain amount of warmth you associate with your paati's cooking. Essential Traditions by Kayal, a cookware store located in Besant Nagar, is not only invoking that nostalgia, but also restoring mindful living and cooking back into your kitchen space. Products made with cast iron, bamboo, copper, bronze and wood make up for the offerings of this sustainable cookware brand, which also ensures the careers of once-popular artisans continues to grow. 

We especially love their coconut shell and bamboo utensils range that mixes old with new, while keeping sustainability in check. Bamboo murrams (dustpan), bamboo straws, coconut shell bowl and spoon sets, coconut shell lamps, spatulas, spoons and pot holders are some of the products you can check out. Prices for straws start from about INR 50. Essential Traditions by Kayal also offers a range of brass and bronze articles like lamps, spoons, idiyappam press, brass kadais and cook pots. Our favourite is their brass coffee davara set priced at INR 315. 

Copper tumblers, bottles and tanks are also up for grabs. If you fancy wood, you can check out their range of cutting boards, dry fruit boxes, idiyappam press, masala dabbas, spatulas and sizzler pans. We even found stone-based ural (mortar and pestle), ammikal, which was extensively used in South Indian kitchens to grind masalas for gravies and cast iron tavas and turners here. They also have soapstone (known to save energy and fuel) kadais, lamps, curd jars, and even play sets for children.

Not just cookware, Essential Traditions by Kayal also has antiques and other home accessories for you to check out.  We're talking about cleaning brushes, brooms made with coconut fibre, wild grass yoga mats, jute bags, floor mats, handbells, mehendi bowls and hanging lamps.