Vegan, Healthy and Affordable- You Will Love This Online Beverage Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Who would have guessed that coconut meat could make rich and creamy products that are as tasty as actual dairy products? Wegun, an online vegan food store,  makes amazing dairy substitutes that are entirely plant-based. Kickstarted by the power couple Uma Maheswari and Jaya Surya, this brand has been making the lives of Chennai's vegan population more exciting! When Uma was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, she set out to make milk variants extracted from nuts like almond, pistachio, apricots and even oats.

Curd, cheese, almond milk, cashew milk, coquito, chocolates, cappuccinos, latte and more - Wegun’s line of products does not sound vegan at all but entirely is. We tried their peanut curd which was absolutely mouth-watering that it in fact made us strongly consider becoming Vegan soon. Most of their products come in small mud pots and are also packaged in glass bottles to accompany you on the move! Totally chemical-free, Wegun’s dairy-alternate milkshakes last for a span of three days only whereas you can store and hog on their chocolates, cheese and lassi for about five days. 

Their chocolate pieces start from as low as INR 40 and their beverages are priced between INR 50 - INR 100. Wegun retails at Earthstory natural and they accept orders online through their Instagram account as well. They accept bulk orders too. We totally recommend their curd and cheese, for they are not only rich in taste, but are also affordable and healthy! 


Wegun’s founders hope to start a complete vegan cafe soon. Chennai peeps, keep an eye out!