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Grab Your Squad This Weekend And Drive Down To This Stunning Fort On ECR

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What Makes It Awesome

Located about 100 km away from Chennai along ECR, the ruins of Alamparai Fort are a sight to witness. The fort was built during the Mughal era in the 17th century. After being destroyed once by the British in 1760 and later by the devastating tsunami in 2004, the ruins of the fort has turned it into a heritage site and an interesting tourist spot. 

The architecture of the fort in itself is an experience. Overlooking the Bay of Bengal and covering an area of 15 acres, the Alamparai Fort is built of bricks and limestone. At the centre of the fort, there is a mausoleum. There are tall walls that surround the fort and gleaming red bricks that lead to the top of the tower, which offers gram-worthy views of unspoilt beaches and backwaters. 

As it lies on the popular East Coast Road (ECR), you can drive down to the Alamparai Fort for an awesome day trip. With the help of the local fishermen, you can even have go for a fun,  fishing and boating experience. The best season to head there, however, is probably October to January when the rains aren't crashing down, or the sun is booming in the sky. Don’t forget to bring along your cameras (even a phone camera will do actually)! Your Instagram feed will definitely thank you. 

Once there, you can trek up to where the fort is. However, the entrance inside Alamparai Fort is now prohibited to visitors for safety reasons. Also, to avoid the unforgiving sun and the heat, carry an umbrella and wear enough sunscreen. There are no hotels or lodges nearby, so make sure you carry some food and water too.


The fort is a 100 km away from Chennai and 50 km from Pondicherry. You can catch a local bus nearby and then have a trek from there. However, the easiest way to reach the fort is to drive down to the place.