Amadora Is Opening Its Third Outlet Right On The Beach & We Have All The Deets

Arun posted on 22 January


The undisputed king of desserts and ice creams in the city — Amadora — is coming to Besant Nagar in a week and guess what? It’s right on Bessy.

Amadora is a one-of-kind dessert shop for Chennai because it sells sinfully, indulgent gourmet ice creams, sorbets and desserts by the truck load. Our personal favourite is the combination of their gooey Underbaked chocolate cake and a scoop of their salted butter caramel ice cream! This tastes absolutely melt-in-your-mouth divine {but unfortunately costs a whopping INR 350!}. They’ve got a range of other ice cream flavours and desserts — from their great all time Dark Chocolate Sorbet to their killer Ghee Chocolate Cake, all of these amazing desserts on their menu are winners.  The third and newest branch is set to grace Bessy Beach in a week and we can’t wait! In between the Nungambakkam and ECR branches, the Bessy Amadora is exactly what South Chennai residents were looking for.

Watch this space for more!

Also, stay tuned about launch dates and other updates by checking out Amadora’s Facebook page here for more updates and launch dates.

For more on Amadora check out their website here.