Kochi Biennale: An Aeroplane, A Public Restroom & A Supermarket - All Made From Papier-Mâché!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dia Mehta Bhupal's artistic process sure is a unique one. Her paper-mache creations are either three-dimensional installations or images of these sets which she photographs herself and eventually destroys the actual installation. Every single one is single-handedly created by her using recycled magazine paper that she cuts, rolls and painstakingly glues into several layers. I caught her bathroom set installation at the Kochi Biennale earlier this year, and learnt that it took her 15 months to create!

The basic idea behind her work revolves around her interest in private experiences in public spaces. Although people remain physically absent from her paper-mache habitats, it is models of memory and experience that remain.

What Could Be Better?

Sadly, Dia's life-size installations are mostly limited to exhibitions and Biennale's. However, her photography works are available to view on her website here - { www.diamehtabhupal.com }.

What's My Pro Tip?

Follow the artist's Instagram page to stay in the loop about her next installation sight here - { www.instagram.com/diabhupal }.

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