Go Down The Memory Lane With Traditional Cookware From This Online Store

Annam Traditional Cookware

What Makes It Awesome

There is something about Indian food that just cannot be compared to anything else and the secret lies in the history of how they came to be and how they were made. Get a glimpse of the past with handmade kitchen crockeries online from Annam Traditional Cookware. They make utensils out of clay, soapstone and iron which are minerally rich and add the authentic flavours to your dishes!

Cast iron and stone cookwares are easier to clean, more durable as well as chemical-free. Annam Traditional Cookware makes special vessels for idli, kal chatti, kal paniyara and dosa tawa. You can also get cast iron tawa, masala grinder, kadai and even skillet! Why not start your breakfast right with an omelette made on their special egg skillet at INR 1300? You can choose them from two size ranges - small and medium with prices starting from INR 1000. Soapstone vessels will cost you even lesser!

Annam Traditional Cookware also makes specialised vessels for special recipes. You can always message them to discuss the same.  You can check out their traditional recipes as well. They specialise in making authentic Tamil pickles and claim that with their vessels, you will never lose the taste! 


Message them if you want to try your hands at a recipe. They will let you know free of cost!

Annam Traditional Cookware