Trays To Stamps - Good Vibes Only With Knick Knacks From This Artist And Her Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    Who said having a baby steals all your attention? Breaking that stereotype is Ansaline Sruthi, who took up her love for crafts and gifting to another level with her brand under the same name. Ansaline Sruthi handmakes and paints all kind of home decor accessories from mugs and trays to coasters and stamps. Perfect for when you're confused about gifting.

    Their basic and the most popular options include reminder plates and nameplates. Give your name to Ansaline and she will design the nameplate using acrylic colours and resin to suit your personality. A reminder board on your fridge with Rosie the Riverter will urge you to finish your work faster. Next, in line are their trays which caught our attention. Vintage, pink flowers painted on an ochre background, or a carved out plate with a marbling effect, you can choose your go-to aesthetic. Ansaline Sruthi also handmakes coasters with mandalas or resin art; you dine on your desire starting at INR 200. Feel free to get these customised.

    Ansaline Sruthi's clocks are quite the catch. Why go for the same monotone one when you can add more flourish to it? Our favourite is the wall clock which comes with 3D green and yellow splashed paints which unite to give a forest effect fir INR 600. Retro option with carved patterns on the sides are available as well. Next up are cookie jars and mugs starting at INR 200. How cute would the gifting be when everything is shining bright and high!


    It is better to call them up and place your order. The idea is to give the customers something they can call their own so customise your orders to your liking. Their latest collection are their hand-carved stamps. COVID-19 Update: Shop for any piece of decor or art on their official website or Instagram. You can have it shipped to anywhere in India.