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If You Don't Have These Apps, You're Missing Out On The Best Of The Margazhi Music & Dance Season

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Narada Gana Sabha, Nada Inbam, The Music Academy, Hamsadhwani, Mylapore Fine Arts Club, AHHHHH, how can one remember who is performing where? We feel you, and we’ve made a list of apps which will track the sabhas, kutcheris (concerts), and events for you during this glorious month of Margazhi. Just get these on your phone and find out everything you need to know - swipe, swipe, swipe. 

Margazhi Sangeetham

If you’ve already got this app (kudos and brownie points to you), you need nothing else. This app is all you need to find out literally every concert, artiste, and venue for music and dance events. Waiting for the kutcheri to begin? Swipe down and read through the extensive list of thiruppavai and thiruvembavai. Margazhi Sangeetham will help you hop from one Sabha to another hassle-free. 

Music Of Madras

What’s not to love about an app which tells you about everything from piano recitals and gigs to dance programs and Carnatic kutcheris? Ensembles, orchestras, bhajan programs, Bharatanatyam, find all this and more on Music of Madras. You can book tickets directly through the app at your convenience, too.


If you’re waiting at the edge of your seat at a Sanjay Subrahmanyam concert and thinking eppo varuvaaro eppo paaduvaro! All you need to do is download Zeekh and request that song directly. Of course, the old-school way of writing song requests on a chit is awesome and this app takes it one step further. Also, if you desperately need to know the name of a ragam, song, or composer, you can find it in Zeekh’s database of 4,000 songs.


You want to experience that live kutcheri and sip on that filter kaapi afterward, but either you’re stuck at work or traffic or simply too tired to go out. Twaang makes sure that the music don’t stop for no one. Download this app, plug in your earphones, and listen to kritis, thillanas, and ragas all day long.


Find out all the concerts and lec-dems happening throughout December season with Arangam. A huge list of performers, schedules, and venues, this app will give you the low-down on the who where when of the Margazhi music and dance festival. It’s very easy to navigate too.