Chicken Hummus Or Mexican? Gorge On Shawarmas At These Awesome Places In Chennai

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One of the most popular Middle Eastern dishes in the world is the shawarma. It’s so popular that it even got a mention in The Avengers and a post-credit scene with the superheroes bent over their plates. If you want to know where to get a superhero-approved favourite you’ve come to the right place. Check out this list of the awesome shawarma spots in Chennai and hog away. 

Arabian Kebab Center

Along with biryani and lots of North Indian dishes like Chicken Punjabi Gravy, Tandoori Naan, Tangdi Kebab, they also serve shawarma. But their menu only has chicken shawarma which can be had as a roll (INR 50), or a special roll (INR 60) or as a plate (INR 70).

Kebab Street

Very often, at restaurants serving kebabs, you will also find shawarmas. And this one in Kilpauk has a smaller selection. They have a Chicken Shawarma Roll (INR 120), but also a Shawarma Combo Dinner (INR 210) which gets you a roll and tandoori chicken if you’re feeling gluttonous.

The Arab Station

Now this is the kind of place that shawarma lovers should definitely visit. Their menu is 90 percent shawarma and 10 percent everything else. Their Chicken Shawarma comes in different variations like Peri-Peri Shawarma in regular (INR 100), in a special combination (INR 120) and as a full meat deal (INR 140) too.

They also have vegetarian shawarmas (INR 70) available in BBQ, Peri-Peri, Tex-Mex and Cheesy Jalapeno for those wanting an extra dose of spice.

Savoury Sea Shell

Popular in the city, this restaurant serves everything from Chinese and North Indian to Arabian. While they don’t have a long list of shawarmas, they do have a good selection. However, keep in mind, they only serve shawarmas after 5 pm, and you can get the Special Shawarma made with Kerala Parotta (INR 90) or a Chicken Hummus Shawarma (INR 200).


Another popular restaurant, they have outlets spread out all over the city. The multi-cuisine restaurant obviously has a grills section which includes shawarmas. You can try a Hummus Mexican Chicken Shawarma (INR 190) or the Falafel Roll for vegetarians (INR 75). But if you want to stick with something familiar, then Chicken Shawarma (INR 85) is clearly what you’re looking for.

Oh My Shawarma

This kiosk in Aminjikarai serves shawarma (obviously) and grilled chicken. But they have some interesting options – Mexican Shawarma (INR 80), Sweet Chilli (INR 90), BBQ (INR 90) and a Special Shawarma (INR 110) which is filled with meat. And if you’re the kind of person who likes lots of cheese, you can add more to your shawarma for just INR 15.

Arab Street

This beautifully done up restaurant in Kodambakkam serves shawarma along with a long list of other cuisines including Italian and Indian dishes. They’ve got a regular Chicken Shawarma (INR 90), but also a Shawarma Sandwich (INR 140) and even the suddenly popular Mexican Shawarma (INR 100).

And for vegetarians, they’ve got a Vegetarian Shawarma (INR 110) or the Falafel (INR 140).

Faruuzi Multi-Cuisine

Everything from North Indian to Chinese can be found at this multicuisine restaurant, but they’ve also got a few shawarma options including the regular Shawarma (INR 90) or the Shawarma Plate (INR 160). They also have a Hummus Chicken Shawarma Plate (INR 170) that’s kind of a healthier alternative, maybe. 

La - Shawarma

This little joint on ECR serves some juicy shawarmas. They serve a good proportion of meat, so get ready to take a bite through a good amount of protein. They also serve up some tasty kababs and fryums.

Palm Shore Restaurant Santhome

Best for its seafood menu, this restaurant has some tasty shawarmas too. You have the option of choosing the pita roti or the rumali roti - both taste absolutely fab. Their Chilli prawn is a must-try too.


While this popular Arabian joint serves some awesome Lebanese food, their deconstructed shawarma definitely deserves a mention. Filled with vegetables, chicken or mutton and all sorts of spicy sauces, this one is super filling and tasty. Don't forget to try their Mezze platter while there. 

Hotel Crescent Nungambakkam

Yes the pepper chicken and caramel custard here are the bomb, but we had a shawarma and we couldn't get it out of our head. You can taste the masala that the meat is marinated in with every bite and it's just heaven! 

Al Ajwain

This restaurant serves Mughalai and Lebanese food, and we really liked their creations. They have some juicy kababs and meat filled shawarmas too. The serve a portion of pickled vegetables on the side which only adds to the party in your mouth.