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Go On An Adventure To Neverland With The Best Biker Clubs In Chennai

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Life is an adventure that never ends and the places you travel to becomes just a page of that huge novel. Bike riding is an art and there is nothing better than having the wind flaring on your face as you ride into the adventures to be remembered worth a lifetime. Even better is when you have like-minded people to share that experience with. Chennai has a growing presence of biker clubs who organise such activities together. Check out these best biker clubs in Chennai and go, chase the roads! 

Madras Bulls

Known as one of the oldest cults of bikes in Chennai, Madras Bulls are a group of Royal Enfield bullet series of motorbikes. With a burning passion for biking and adventure, they roam across the roads with their motto "To hell with you and to heaven with us."  They also host meetups every second Sunday of the month in Besant Nagar. You can join them as a newbie with MadBulls as a stepping stone into the main club. Go to the hills or the beaches or the mountains; get that biker in you out and gear up for a meet, greet and ride session! 

Madras Riders Club

The grinding of the gears is the best thing you would have ever heard when it comes to the Madras Riders Club. Riding is a form to free the soul, and that's what they believe in, and if you are new to the whole thing, then they will willingly teach you all of that.  Ladies or gents, all are welcome to join the club and hit the roads of the city and outside for an adventure. They also help you customise your bikes to its best of performance. You need not have an Enfield of KTM to go for a ride, tbh.

Biker Babez

Ride safe and smart with the women-only biker team, Biker Babez! Who said women can't motorbike? These girls have proved it wrong and they are ready to invite you with open arms. They teach you biking and also how to gear up your rides for races, drags and rallies. They mainly focus on raising various social awareness while riding across places! From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, they will leave no place untouched for their voices to be heard. Become a proud member of these activists group and it will be a lifetime experience!

Chennai Royal Riders Motorcycle Club

As the name suggests, Chennai Royal Riders Motorcycle Club is all about premier riding. It was started by Royal Enthusiasts and drives on the spirit of strength and passion. In the past, they have taken their Enfields on a ride into the forests of Kotagiri and Ooty to the mountains of Leh and Kashmir. Camping, trekking and food are, of course, an integral part of their passion for travel as well. However, the club membership is through invitation only so maybe drop in with your Royal Enfield and give it your best?

Chennai Trekking Club

Trekking and biking kind of go hand in hand and ever since Chennai Trekking Club opened up they have also had biking as an integral part of their club. The bikers club rides out twice a month with easy levels for beginners and increasing terrains for more experienced riders. The club's motto is to remain as close to nature as possible from camping on hillsides to making their own food in bonfires. While they prefer to uncover as much of South India, they have also had rides through the lesser-known roads of Goa, Himalayas, Odisha and even Nepal!