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Kuchi Ice & Sand Castles, Best Chennai Things To Do This Summer

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It’s not news that summer is here and we’re reaching the peak of the heat. And as much as we can’t bear the sun bearing down on us (and sucking out our life source), let’s not forget all the fun things we never forget to do during the summer. Fall in love with the city this summer with these very Chennai things!

Get A Kuchi Ice / Fun Orange

For any 90s kid, summer without a kuchi ice never existed. Right after the bell rings and school is done, tons of students flock around the ice cream anna and the Fun Orange (which was INR 5) is over within minutes. Go get a kuchi ice or a Fun Orange and let nostalgia take over. The best time to eat this is 3pm and even though it’s not INR 5 anymore, it’s the best thing to do in summer. 

Chaat For Lunch

Another awesome thing we Chennaiites do (which you may find weird) is having chaat during lunch in the summer. Suriya Sweets, Nungambakkam Chaat Corner, Kolkatta Chat, all these chaat shops are filled with people during lunch time, so do yourself a favour and line up for your Pani Puri at 2pm. 

Beach Day Everyday

Most summers are spent by the beach, and if you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, you know how the summers in Chennai go. Morning sunrise or night time, cool off at the beach, go up to the Lighthouse, collect seashells, and build sand castles this summer! 

Paneer Soda Vs Rosemilk Vs Jigarthanda

An iconic thing to do in the summer is to walk up to your nearest potti kadai (small shop) and get a paneer soda. Goli soda/paneer soda encapsulates the summer best, but if you’re a Kalathi rosemilk or Jigarthanda kind of person, knock yourself out! 

Build A Home Among Trees

One of the best things to do in the summer is to take long contemplative walks in the Theosophical Society, Adyar. You can hide amongst the canopy and build yourself a cozy spot this summer. 

Raw Mangoes & Sundal All Day

It’s the season of mangoes, and nothing beach raw cut mangoes drizzled with salt and chilli powder during the summer. You can get these almost anywhere in the city, and in the evenings, don’t forget to get your sundal which is a combination of juicy and crunchy stuff (puffed rice, veggies, and loads of masala!). If you’re by the beach, get a Vazhakai or Molagai Bajji (batter-fried chilli) and your summer is sorted.