Cabin In The Woods Or Mafia Chase? Here Are 10 Best Escape Rooms In Chennai

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Escape rooms are pretty new in Chennai but it’s catching on fast, with some pretty amazing themes and concepts. How old you are doesn’t matter, this is something everyone can enjoy. All you need is a thirst for thrill and adventure. So, here are 10 mystery rooms you should check out. 

Mystery Rooms Chennai

1. The Kon of Kohinoor

Plan the perfect robbery and steal the Kohinoor Diamond from the high-security space in a British museum. Puzzles, maps, breaking in, it’s all there!

2. A Night In Bhangarh

People say never to enter spooky places after sunset, but that’s exactly what your gang does. You need to survive the supernatural experiences and find a way to get out of this abandoned fort.

3. Cabin In The Woods

A bunch of mysterious murders in the forest push you to discover the clues to uncover the story. Are the villagers cursed or is there a scary beast lurking out there? Find out and come out of the forest alive.

Freeing India

1. The Prison Chaos

Rumour has it that an underground prison of a crazy scientist has a bunch of imprisoned scientists. You only believe it when you get locked in and within 45 minutes, you must find clues to escape and free the prisoners.

2. Ninja: The Secret Disciples Of Shinobi

This theme is divided into two rooms - one has the clues and the other has weapons. The decorations resemble the Edo eraJurassicand the goal is to get the title of ‘Shinobi’. This room involves deciphering Kuji-in signs and defeating the warrior examiner to become a Shinobi. 

3. Jurassic

If you loved the film, we bet you’d love this room, set in a Jurassic research facility. You must protect a unique dinosaur egg which can do wonders for us. When it goes missing, you must find it before it’s gone forever. 

4. Live To Tell

One of the newest themes, you are part of a super secret mission to get into the room of spies. These spies are sending our country’s secrets to the enemies, and have made the locks impossible for anyone else to open. Get your patriotic juices flowing and get back the secrets and escape. 

5. Poseidon

Here’s one for all Disney fans: Ariel’s relationship with the prince has angered the gods and Poseidon won’t give them the sealed pearl of the seas. You need to sneak into Poseidon’s palace and steal the pearl for Ariel.

6. The Lost Chamber

You’re handcuffed and trapped in a dark room with funny smells and nobody else. You need to use your stealth skills and make it out in time. This room does a lot of visual effects and plays around with lights so it’ll be a sight to see (or not). 

8. Alice In Wonderland

This fantasy themed, one-room plot is perfect if you love stories (and want to be in them!). A stroll in the woods, wise rabbits, and comical creatures, encounter all of them and save Alice within 60 minutes.