Rock It With Your Rollers At These Skater Parks In Chennai

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Got a new pair of skates and don’t know where to use them? Roll on over to these skate parks around town to mix with the right crowd and have a gala time learning.

Madras Wheelers Park

Do you like to roller-blade? How about skateboarding? we’re sure you like to bike? If not, this wheeler park will definitely allow you to rent a kickscooter. The Madras Wheeler Park allows you to rent skateboards and BMX cycles too for just INR 50. They further offer coaching classes and a membership which allows you unlimited use of their facility at subsidised rates. 

Shenoy Nagar Skating Park

This skate park in Pulla Ave. is the best if you are looking at enrolling your child in skating classes. They have a levelled rink, which allows the kids to practice and learn how to balance. They also have a walking trail around the park for you parents. Once, the class is done, cool off in their swimming pool on site too!

Korattur Skating Park

This academy offers top notch skate training and simultaneously allows leisure skaters to use their park at a fee. They have different obstacles as well as jumps for those slightly experienced daredevils. If you are looking to learn, check out their summer camp courses or weekend courses for all.

Anna Tower Skating Arena

You will always find a crowd of young rollers in this rink in Anna Nagar. They have a huge platform where sometimes you’ll get the occasional glimpse of a pirouette or a perfect leap. Skaters from all walks of life gather here to exercise their skills and just have fun. 

Sangam Ground And Skating Rink

Located in IIT MAdras, this ground is often occupied by skaters and skateboarders having a gala time flipping their boards and rolling down the ramp. It is an energetic experience just observing the sportsmen manage their boards and skates. Some may even pull you in for a short fun lesson if they think you are curious, so don’t forget to be prepared for that and always say yes to learning more. Who knows you may have a little more fun than you anticipated.

Chennai Corporation Park

This park is filled with skaters and skateboarders in the evening. You will find them on the walking trail that runs around the park as well as in the cemented playground. The park offers ample amount of space for rollerbladers to whizz around and not crash into anyone on their evening walk. Don’t forget to check out their garden while you are there too. The flowers are generally in full bloom just after summer.