Peeps! You Can Now Enjoy The Sun Even In Summers With This List Of Best Sunset Spots In Chennai

As much as we dread going out in the sun here in Chennai, we’ve also been blessed with enough places to admire it in all its glory. Don’t y’all agree? To keep this up, we’ve put together a list of best sunset spots in Chennai. Go on now, have fun in the sun and show the world how it’s done.

Marina Beach

Marina Beach is an integral part of Chennai’s culture and as a Chennaite, we’re all proud of it. But the sunsets here are even more special. Given its length, the sunset view here is simply breathtaking, giving you enough space to soak in the beauty while gorging on some yummy street food. You can also watch the sunset from the Light House at Marina and get some insta-worthy shots while you’re at it. 

St. Thomas Mount

Offering of a 360-degree view of the whole city, the entire experience of watching the sun descend into the Bay of Bengal at St. Thomas Mount is simply amazing. With the added excitement of hiking up the hill, sunsets at St. Thomas Mount hold a certain amount of nostalgia for every Chennaite, making it all the more special. 

Broken Bridge

Cut off from hustle and bustle of the city, Broken Bridge presents a raw, earthy and a very serene opportunity to witness sunsets. A popular place among couples and solo travellers, you also get to take in the spectacular views of the Adyar Estuary at Broken Bridge. Make sure you don’t stay there for too long as it can get shady in nights. Read more about it here

Elliots Beach

Popularly known as Bessy, Elliots Beach is among the cleanest and more popular places for sunset viewing in the city. Serving the as end-point of Marina Beach, this place is perfect to make merry with your folks or simply chill by yourself and watch the sun transform into a beautiful red descending orb. 

East Coast Road

Sprawling for a 20-kilometre length, watching sunsets on East Coast Road is an experience close to all our hearts. With several resorts and cafes populating the stretch, you can choose to drive around the place or make a stop to any of the beaches there to witness the changing hues of the sun. 

Semmozhi Poonga

With luscious greenery, beautiful birds chirping and fresh breeze to take in, sunset walks in Semmozhi Poonga is like truly experiencing nature in its best form. Spread across acres and acres of green space, you can be sure of getting enough space to enjoy and cherish this experience. Click here to know more.


Semmozhi Poonga


Cathedral Road, Ellaiamman Colony, Teynampet, Chennai


    Chetpet Ecopark

    With a long, green walking path circling the only lake in city limits, Chetpet Ecopark also serves a great spot to witness sunsets. Whether you choose to take a sunset walk or sit in a boat and experience the act, viewing sunsets here is simply magical. For more info, click here