Eating, Dancing And Playing : This Is Your Guide To Explore The Best Things To Do In Thiruvanmiyur

In between Adyar and ECR is another awesome locality that is filled with interesting things to do. Yes! Thiruvanmiyur, with its dreamy beach and legendary temples can never keep you bored. Admit it, we all want to move into one of the fancy houses on the seaward roads every time we go past them. The shopping that this locality offers is yet another plus point! This list is specifically for all things amazing that Thiruvanmiyur has to offer. 

Chill At The Beach

Thiruvanmiyur Beach is arguably one of the calmest localities of Chennai. We love Marina and Bessy, no doubt! But the moment you realise you want to be away from the crowd while wanting to chill near the ocean, this is your place to go. There are beautifully built beach houses on one side and of course, the never-ending ocean on the other! Even in the evenings, this place can give you the solitude you might be craving for. 

Tourist Attractions

Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Kottivakkam, Chennai


    Eat Your Heart Out

    Like every other prime location of Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur too has some amazing restaurants. From having traditional, budget meals at Paarambariyas to your quenching your biryani cravings at Aasife Biryani, this place, though not as impressive as Besant Nagar, still has good eateries to dine at.

    Fast Food Restaurants

    Paarambariyas Traditional Veg Restaurant

    91, N Mada Street, Lalitha Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai


    Attend Exhibitions At Kalakshetra Foundation

    Kalakshetra is known as one of the most legendary dance academies of the country. Guess what it's known for? Curated, artisanal exhibitions! Handicrafts, clothes, accessories, footwear, home decor and more- these exhibitions happen very regularly during the course of the year. Shop away!

    Visit Tara Books

    A charming bookstore, this place publishes books about contemporary India and sells lit AF stationery. Filled with plenty of high lights and white walls, all their books are made using handmade, recycled paper. If you are an avid reader or even a person who likes colourful illustrations, you gotta check out Tara books next time you are in Thiruvanmiyur.

    Book Stores

    Tara Books

    9, Kuppam Beach Road, CGE Housing Colony, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai



    Thiruvanmiyur can surprise us with its hidden gems. Places like Aroga, Amutha Coffee, Meltin, DesiCrafts, Ramyaa Collections, Breeze Florist and Sharath Sundar's Studio are some of what we have checked out. 

    Clothing Stores


    48, East Coast Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai


    Volunteer For Beach Conservation

    NGOs like Environmentalist Foundation Of India, Green Voice International and Bhumi regularly conduct Beach Clean Up activities at the Thiruvanmiyur beach. Though this beach is much cleaner than the other crowded ones in the city, we think participating in these events is quintessential to uphold the hygiene and biodiversity of the place.

    Check out other environmental NGOs to volunteer at, here!

    Flaneur Around The Seaward Roads

    The Seawards Roads in Thiruvanmiyur have some of the classiest looking houses and the vibe these roads give is uber pleasant and will relax your soul. Get off your vehicle, get down on your foot and start walking around this place in the morning. Walking can do wonders to our mental and physical health, especially in localities like these.


    Seaward Road

    Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai



      If you are into visiting temples regularly, you will love Thiruvanmiyur! Arulmigu Marundheeswarar Temple, Pamban Swamigal Temple, Valmiki Temple, Shri Kasi Viswanathar Temple...the list is not small. Pamban Swamigal Temple especially is a huge space filled with lots of greenery, a meditation centre and a small pond. Free food is served here on a daily basis. 

      Have we missed something? Let us know in the comments section!

      Religious Establishments

      Marundeeswarar Temple

      8, W Tank Street, Lalitha Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai