Textures, Solids or Carvings - These Wallpaper Stores In Chennai Will Help You Build Your Dream House

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Gone are those days of yellow painted walls, it is the generation to get some hype into your walls. Get your personality to be out there. From superheroes and princess on the walls, you can get velvet, stones and so much more incorporated into your houses. If you are planning a renovation then you must consider some wallpapers to jazz up your walls. check out our list of the best wallpaper stores in Chennai that will give you your dream styles.

Studio Marvel

Laminated floorings and striking wallpapers, Studio Marvel truly gives a marvellous look to your house. They have options for solid coloured wallpapers to retro and pop art styles. You can even customise your wallas to look textures or have them carve out deities or even your faces on to the walls. Want that Captain America's shield flying out, these people have got it! They aren't named marvel for no reason. Prices start at INR 1500.

Dot 3

Get that Vinyl on the wall to prevent that peel off. Dot 3 has some floral power that we can't seem to get enough of. From mural plain colours, geometric patterns, textured marbles, wooden wallpapers to the kids section, they have got an absolutely confusing catalogue. They have got mural art paintings as well which start at INR 2000. They have digital as well as paper wall cover to go for as well. You can protect the vinyl wallpaper from tearing off!

Wall Jewels

From simple walls, give them the shine like the jewels. Wall Jewels can transform your humble abode to the one of blitz and glitz. Living room, kids room, office, kitchen to even bathroom, every room has a personality which they want to bring out. Did you know they have done interiors for Sathyam Cinemas and Taj hotels as well? They have been around since 1979 so you can trust them on the quality and the trendiest. Prices start at INR 1500.

Urban Walls - The Wallpaper Store

An urban lifestyle needs them walls for it, urbanised, neat and modern. Urban Walls will give you the highest form of modern. They have separate categories for wallpapers and wall murals. You can choose from stones, bricks, wood to 3D wallpapers and damask! They have options of religious, city, kids, 3D murals to even sculptures carved onto the walls. With prices starting at INR 2000, you can choose to have leather made floral backdrop or Manhattan popping out of your house.