Offbeat Bike Ride Destinations You Must Check Out For Your Next Trip

    Do you think as a Chennaiite your options for taking road trips from the city are limited? No, we don’t think so. There are quite a few gorgeous getaway options from our city, which are not Pondy or Mahabs. As bustling as Chennai is, sometimes, city life can get wee bit monotonous and hectic. So, in case, you couldn’t get a booking at a hill station or place by the beach for the upcoming long weekend, fret not. LBB’s list of offbeat bike ride destinations from Chennai will make you want to go on a road trip instantly. So, get your squad, put your helmets on, throttle your engine and get, set go…


    Pulicat Lake

    Pulicat, Chennai

    This offbeat getaway is not too far from the city. Pulicat Lake is the second largest water lagoon in India and is home to thousands of migratory birds from all over the world. The lake encompasses the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary and is in close proximity to Sriharikota, the barrier island which hosts one of the only satellite centres in India. The lake has 16 islands offering camping, and is a photographer’s paradise. Bird watching and boating is super popular too. 

    Distance from Chennai: 60 kms

    Duration: 1-2 hours

    Tada Falls

    Tada falls, also known as Ubbalamdugu Falls, is en-route to Tirupathi. It is a popular trekking route due to the presence of beautiful streams and rocks in the forest. Although there aren’t any guides, our trekking friends tell us you can follow the stream if you lose your way to the falls! It is also the perfect destination for camping overnight! Get on a bike with your squad and make a trip. 

    Distance from Chennai: 98 kilometres

    Duration: 3 hours


    A lesser-known getaway from Chennai, Tranquebar or Tharangambadi, was the first Danish trading post in India established in 1620. Yet again another attraction along the ECR, Tranquebar today is better known as a beachside colonial town filled with buildings from the yesteryears – the Danish museum, the Jerusalem Church and Fort Dansborg (sea-facing for) among others. However, the main attraction is the gorgeous sea which has the cleanest sand and the most beautiful seashells and is perfect for a peaceful getaway.  

    Distance from Chennai: 270 kms

    Duration: 6 hours


    The amazing weather of Yercaud presents an awesome excuse to get away from the sultry heat of Chennai. The roads leading up from Salem town to Yercaud, in particular, are a biker’s paradise, with the right amount of green cover and sloped roads. Once there, you can check out popular tourist spots like the lake, Pagoda Point and the Kiliyur falls. For more hill stations in Tamil Nadu, click here.

    Distance from Chennai: 370 Kilometres

    Duration: 6-7 hours

    Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

    The Pichavaram Mangrove Forest near Chidambaram is the world’s second-largest mangrove forests, and yes, it can be reached through a six-hour smooth cruise along the ECR! Pichavaram is a true road trip! A photographer’s favourite haunt, the forest consists of a number of islands covered with lush greenery and is separated from the sea by a sand bar. The place also attracts birds from all over the world, and the sight of beautiful birds from your boat with mangroves as the backdrop is a view to die for!

    Distance from Chennai: 215 Kilometres

    Duration: 5 hours


    Yelagiri is the perfect hill station to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The beautiful highway leading to the town is a pleasure for bikers. Apart from the usuals like boating, Yelagiri also has paragliding and hiking options for the adventurer in you! The weather here is pleasant all throughout the year and you can also camp here. The high number of bikers on this route has encouraged many to set up roadside eateries and rent-a-tent options en-route.

    Distance from Chennai: 230 km

    Duration: 5 hours

    Horsley Hills

    A few hours away from Chennai, Horsley Hills is truly a lesser-known getaway not too far from the city. Due to not too many folks knowing about it, this hill station is relatively less crowded and unpolluted — the two perfect ingredients for a peaceful getaway. Although there aren’t too many things to do here, the scenic view from the peak of Horsley Hills is worth the drive down there. 

    Distance from Chennai: 275 km

    Duration: 7 hours