OMG! Bangalore’s Bike Taxi Company Rapido Is Coming To Chennai & We Can’t Handle(bar) It!

Aasha posted on 26 January

Yes, what you read is true. Bangalore-based bike taxi firm Rapido has recently started operations in namma Chennai. For those of you who are wondering ‘bike taxi, huh?’, Rapido is India’s bike taxi - this means getting to places on a bike. They provide shower caps (for when it rains) and helmets and are pretty affordable and faster to navigate through the chaotic lanes of Nungambakkam and T Nagar. 

Taking into account women’s safety, the company announced a ‘call masking system’ to protect women customers’ mobile numbers being shared with the riders and to prevent misuse of contact information. Download the Rapido app, book your ride and see if it’s your cup of tea - They’ve got an introductory offer to avail a ride up to 3 km at INR 19.

This was first published by The Hindu